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Mongo's Wood and Plow

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About Mongo's

At Mongo's Wood and Plow we believe in ethically working with our environment to provide ease of living in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.



Mongo's Wood and Plow provides several types of fuelwood for all of your heating needs. Our firewood is harvested ethically and locally, meaning no new growth is harvested. Mongo's also allows the wood to be seasoned, providing our customers with dry, burnable fuelwood for their winter heating needs.

Mongo's plow service aims to safely and effectively remove snow and ice from your location. Mongo's strives to remove snow at the first sight of a storm, to prevent snow buildup. We perform ethical snow removal by assessing where snow gathers naturally and where spring runoff will occur and "stacking" snow where it will be most feasible for both the client and the environment.

Mongo's Wood

Mongo's Plow

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